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I created Swim Team Lifestyle to share and exchange ideas about the sport of swimming. Over the years, I've spent many hours "Googling" and searching for information on various swim related topics. Rarely could I find what I was looking for in a single site! And NEVER did I find a forum where families of swimmers could exchange ideas and have discussions. So, when I was up all night for three nights in a row with a swimmer very sick with mono, and spending hours searching online for information on how to relieve his suffering, I decided to start a blog about the sport of swimming.

My goal is to inform, inspire, and even reassure families of swimmers. A wide array of topics will be covered including keeping swimmers healthy and happy, practical recipes and nutrition ideas, swim-related crafts and gifts, and basic information about swimming from infant swim lessons to college recruiting. Swim-related products that we have found useful will be reviewed. I am affiliated with companies that offer a percentage of sales when readers make purchases from my site. (This helps me justify the time I devote to blogging about swimming! So the next time you need a new pair of goggles, a practice suite, or swim gear, consider ordering through SWIMTEAMLIFESTYLE.COM.) Check out the Policy page for more information.

I hope readers will subscribe and keep up with what is new to living the Swim Team Lifestyle. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and contact me through email. Please share this site with other swim families. And if you see me at a swim meet, please say hello!


Our Swim Family

When I was six-years-old my grandparents put in a backyard pool and I’ve loved swimming ever since. My friends and I spent most of those hot, summer days in Oklahoma playing in that swimming pool. I never swam on a team (although I did try out for the synchronized swimming club in high school), but swimming has always been a form of recreation and exercise for me.

When our son Jackson was a toddler, I swam daily at the local YMCA. After my workout I would get Jackson from the nursery and take him into the pool to play. He could never get enough. Before his third birthday, Jackson was swimming on his own (although closely supervised). Between the bathtub, the Gulf of Mexico, and swimming pools, we think he has spent approximately 50% of his life in water. Plus, he has always had a thing for goggles.

My husband Jeff has done his own share of swimming. He served for thirty years in the United States Coast Guard. As a helicopter rescue swimmer, he swam under circumstances that could literally mean life or death for others and for him. He retired as a Senior Chief in 2007 and we moved a little closer to the beach and a lot closer to the golf course.

Our family has been part of a swim team since Jackson joined his first summer league at age eight. (Read more about this in my post I am a Swim Mom?) Since then we have been part of a summer league, year-round competitive team, and the high school swim team. Now we are learning the recruiting process for college swim teams.

There is so much about the swim team lifestyle to experience and enjoy. I’m excited to share my own experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and what our family has learned along the way.