Monday, December 28, 2015

New Products for Swimmers and Parents

I’m a huge fan of Shark Tank, the television program in which new entrepreneurs pitch their product to five millionaires in hopes of getting one to financially support their enterprise. It can be brutal! Yet each week men and women (and sometimes children) put it all on the line to sell an idea they believe in with all their hearts. So when I meet people who invest their time, energy, and money into products to improve the sport of swimming, I want to support them by sharing their ideas with the swim world.

Snappy Towel

It’s a cape! It’s a cover up! It’s Snappy Towel! Dan Wood, entrepreneur and founder of the Snappy Towels Inc., has spent almost as much time in the water as he has on land. (Sound familiar?) As a father of two imaginative beach-going kids, he has created a fun as well as useful product. First and foremost, Snappy Towels are made from a soft, super absorbent, microfiber fabric. If you’ve ever pulled sopping wet terrycloth towels from a swim bag, you can appreciate how lightweight and quick-drying they are. But that’s just the beginning. These towels have strong, smooth, plastic snaps that kids naturally pop together to create a hood, cape, or cover up to keep warm or for a quick change. Colors include bright red, blue, and orange. Finally, the towels have a handy loop for hanging or carrying. If you’re ready to try something new, check out Snappy Towels at

Have you or your swimmer ever missed an event at a swim meet? (You can read all about my experiences here.) Two high-tech entrepreneurs who know first-hand the frustration of a swimmer missing an event decided to do something about it. They came up with MeetBop, the “only mobile app that truly lets you track the progress of a swim meet in real-time from any location.” The key to this clever app is that it is in real-time all the time! It also has a swim-alert feature that sends an automatic notification for approaching events that you designate as important. (This could come in handy for dads who like to slip off to the snack bar for a big pretzel and moms who are playing games on their phones. I’m just sayin’.) The app is a free download but swim parents must make meet directors, coaches, and referees aware of the benefits. All they have to do is contact MeetBop developers at All parents and swimmers have to do is download the free app for iPhones or Androids here:

So there are just two examples of how innovative swim parents can be! And if they ever show up on Shark Tank, I believe they will get full backing for their ingenious ideas!


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