Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Care Package" for College Swimmers

Our high school swim team and year-round swim team said good-bye to many of our top athletes as they graduated and left home this fall to swim in college. As we prepare for a new season, I am really missing these kids and wonder how they are adjusting to college swimming life. So I’ve been checking out all kinds of swim-related products that could be used in a freshman care package designed specifically for swimmers. Here are a few great products that any swimmer will be happy to receive in a college care package.

1.  SwimSpray™ Chlorine Removal Spray removes the smell of chlorine from hair and skin. Developed by a chemist (who is also a swimmer), it neutralizes the “aroma” of chlorine. A must-have to use between morning practice and 8:00 a.m. class. 

2.  Triswim Foggle Anti-fog Towlettes 6 pk extends the life of goggles by cleaning and defogging at the same time. There are six towlettes to a box and each is good for 5-6 uses when kept sealed. A swipe to the inside of the goggles and in a few seconds they turn and stay clear.

3.  Stuffed Swim Bears are available in boy and girl designs. The 15” stuffed animal wears a swimsuit and goggles.

4.  Sporti Equipment Mesh Bag measures 21” x 15” and is loaded with useful compartments. It has two zip pockets, three mesh compartments, and an inner pocket for valuables. It’s available in five different colors making it easy to coordinate with most team colors. 

5.  Fleece Lined Sanuks are a perfect choice for slipping on after practice, especially in cooler climates. Women’s styles are available in Red and Olive. Men’s styles come in Brown or Charcoal.

6.  A 20” x 36” Sporti Dry Towel dries skin with a swipe and dries quickly so it can be stored in tubed container. This will drastically cut down on laundering beach towels. Without the weight of a wet towel, it will lighten a swimmer’s load.

Throw in a few decals, snacks, and a swim keychain and you’ve created an awesome care kit for college swimmers!

Share your own ideas for items to share with college freshman!

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